Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy

Approved by- AICTE, PCI, MHRD, Govt of India,
Affiliation from Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health Science, Rohtak, Haryana
State Government University

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  • Notification

  • Admission Open 2022-23
  • PCI Approved College
  • Last date of Submission of Form
  • Campus placement is a routine.
  • Facilities

    The institute provides with transport facility from all parts of delhi and Gurgaon.

    Admission open for 2022-23 B.Pharmacy B.Pharmacy - LEET Limited Seats Available
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    RGCP Best Facilities


    The Institute offers good infrastructure for education, practical training, and research in various specializations including Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analysis, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. Our Institutional Library subscribes to many International and National Journals and stores around 4000 books for reference and consultation of students and faculty members. The College has a well-maintained Medicinal Plant Garden with about numerous species of medicinal plants. The institute has well equipped Seminar halls with good presentation facilities. As well as computer lab facility with about 50 high tech systems with 24 hr internet facility. College runs its own transport facility from Delhi and Gurgaon.


    Institute has developed a high class library with state of the art design and facilities. The library has requisite number of titles and their volumes. Library has various subscribed national and international technical journals and magazines. Book bank facility is provided for students. Apart from this digital library and audio video CD and cassettes for the reference are available.

    Research Lab for M.Pharmacy:

    • Instrumentation Lab with facility of 16 station tablet punching machine, Dissolution apparatus, Tablet coating machine, Double Cone blender, tray drier, sonicator, Capsule filling machine, ampoule sealing and filling machine, Autoclave, stability chamber etc.
    • Microbiology Lab with facility of laminar air flow
    • Specialized Research Lab For M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
    • SIF lab with facility of HPLC, Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrometer, Colorimeter, Potentiometer, Flame Photometer, high precision digital balance etc.
    • Pharmaceutical Analysis lab.
    • Physical Pharmacy Lab
    • Computer lab


    Best Facility Pharmacy College

    In this laboratory students are trained for various aspects of inorganic chemistry which include limit tests of iron, heavy metals, lead & sulphate and chloride besides tests for purity of cations & anions of inorganic pharmaceuticals. For organic chemistry the students carry out tests for identity of groups, synthesis of selected pharmaceutical organic compounds besides the use of stereo models.

    The college has the following laboratories

    • Lab of Pharmaceutics
    • Lab of Pharmacognosy
    • Lab of Pharmaceutical chemistry
    • Lab of Microbiology
    • Lab of Biochemistry
    • Lab of Instrument
    • Lab of APHE and Pharmacology

    Pharmaceutics Laboratory:

    Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy Lab

    In Pharmaceutics students undergo training for dispensing of prescriptions for preparations like emulsions, suspensions, solutions, creams, ointments, inhalations, liniments, paints, syrups, mixtures, pastes, powders, suppositories etc. They are trained for the preparation of aromatic waters, syrups, spirits, solutions, glycerin’s, mouth washes, ear & nasal drops, elixirs, mucilages, infusions, tinctures and extracts.

    Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory:

    The students carry out tests for identification of bacteria and fungus. They test antibiotics, sulpha drugs, bactericides, fungicides for evaluation against various microbes and fungi on various culture Medias besides tests for sterility. The laboratory is attached to an aseptic room specially designed to carry out aseptic techniques.

    Pharmacognosy laboratory:

    RGCP College Best Facilities

    The students carryout identification of various crude drugs by means of chemical, macroscopic and microscopic tests. Non-biology students study various practical aspects of botany & zoology so as to be trained for understanding the subjects of pharmacognosy & APHE. They also learn extraction and characterization of medicinal plants. This laboratory has been equipped with medicinal plants charts, student microscopes, camera Lucida, oven etc. A medicinal plant garden has been maintained where the students study the horticultural aspects of medicinal plants.

    Pharmacology Laboratory:

    Ram Gopal College Haryana

    In this laboratory students get training in the estimation of urea, creatinine hemoglobin, urine, sugar, proteins, recording of body temperature, B.P., ECG-PQRST, experiments of nerve muscle preparations, vital capacity & microscopic study of different tissues. The human body and different systems the students learn with the help of models & charts. The laboratory is equipped with haemoeytometers, haemometer haemoglobinometer, microscopes, human skeleton, sphygmanometers, charts, models, centrifuge, Spiro meter, stopwatches, stethoscopes, kymograph drum etc.

    Instrument Laboratory:

    Equipped with the latest state-of-art analytical instruments like spectrophotometer and assists the students to acquire hands-on-training on the instruments.

    IT Lab:

    Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy India

    The Institute has developed central computing facility with desired number of computers. The computer centre has sufficient computers terminals, of P4 Processors. Computer Network (LAN) has been configured with maximum computers. Internet facility with broadband connectivity has been provided at the central computer lab.


    A museum as per the requirements of AICTE has been constructed in which are displayed the various crude drugs & popular patent medicines in proper show cases along with literature counter for specimens.


    RGCP Hostel Facilities

    A hostel is the need of every student who comes from a far area to study in any college. RGCP has taken this thing as priority and is regularly working on the improvement for the same. RGCP provides its student with hostel facility. The hostel are provided on a first come serve basis.

    In-campus accommodation for boys and available with modern facilities. 
    The hostels is spacious, well ventilated and furnished. 
    Girl Hostel is located in city with all facilities and round the clock security.


    The institute provides with transport facility from all parts of delhi and Gurgaon.The college has taken a step ahead in, making sure that the students should feel convenient in reaching to college and vice versa.


    Canteens with modern facilities have been provided where fresh & hygienic eatables are served.

    College Address

    College At:- Near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary,
    Farrukhnagar, Distt.- Gurgaon, Haryana
    Phone:- 8920418745

    Email:- rgcpcollege@gmail.com

    Head Office

    A1/11, Prashant Vihar Rohini,
    C/o Little Planet Preschool
    Near Pitampura Metro Station,Opposite Power House
    New Delhi, India-110085

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